Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of any business. And the more you manipulate it to your advantage the higher rankings you will get. This is the era of technology and if I have not emphasized enough about the necessity to learn Search Engine Optimization for an e-commercial business then I say it once again: Start Focusing On it!!
Here I present some intelligent ways to improve your SEO ranking mentioning tips and hacks from some of the best SEO experts there are:

More the speed More the buyers:

It is a known fact that most people do not want to spend a second longer on your website if it does not load as quickly as other sites. So, having your website increase its speed has a considerable impact on not just your ranking but also the traffic that visits your website. SEO prices are not much high for such alterations.
One of the reason for your slow website are your images. I understand that you do not want to lose the appeal that comes with images on your site, so do not worry; you do not have to. What you can do is compress your images using any compressor software out there such WinRAR or 7zip.

Secure your site:

Security should be your number one priority. As long as your business is online there is a huge threat to your business from hackers. Hence, you must secure your websites through HTTPS. HTTPS is a web-protocol that helps create a more secure website. Use it instead of HTTP and you are good to go.
Google actually prioritizes websites that use the HTTPS web protocol instead of the HTTP. Google often drives people away from your website and this can lead to a loss of potential customers.
Even when smart phones were not as common it was preferred to have a mobile friendly website though it was not completely essential. But at a time where mobile phones are in the hands of every human on earth it is recommended even more so to have your website optimized for mobile devices. Google’s algorithms actually take into account whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. So, get your SEO services to optimize it. It is quite obvious that mobile devices generate more traffic than desktops and laptops.

Engagement metrics:

SEO such as SEO in Karachi measures the amount of time a user actually engages in your website and takes it into account when determining Search engine optimization rankings. It is important to have content that compels the user to spend more time on your website than usual. Diversity is one way to ensure long engagements. The more diverse your content is going to be the more the visitor will have to look forward to. Blogs and tutorial sites are especially designed to ensure long engagements while sites like seek more visitation not longer visitations.

User experience:

Platitudes such as ‘The Customer is always right’ have a reason and the reason is Customer Experience. Shops and general stores use this principle to ensure that a customer has the experience that makes him loyal to its services. When you shift a business online, you do not possess the ability to interact with your customers as you would have in general store. So, how does one show that they care about their customers and get the same loyalty? You provide a better User Experience. Make sure your website is elegantly designed to attract customers.

Quality Content:

It goes without saying that quality always beats quantity. If your idea is good enough it will sell itself. Marketing can only make your site noticeable, what will actually generate customers is the content of the site. Google algorithms now work in such a way that they regard the quality of a site’s content as a parameter when ranking websites in order to provide the internet users with a better quality of search results. Hence, copied content and low-quality content has no value when it comes to Google Panda. Images, videos, slideshows and audio can help cultivate user experience and help you deliver the required information in a more attractive way.


One way to ensure that your site’s content does not qualitatively plummet is to bring in diversity. This does not at all mean blogging about stuff that may not be your strong suit or stuff that you may not be comfortable with. You must bring in diverse methods of introducing content. For instance, focus on short form blogs and content as much as long form content.

Providing Contact Information:

Have you ever questioned why you still go to a supermarket despite having an abundance of online stores? The answer is simple: one yearns for human interaction because human interaction provides you the right customer service. Providing contact information does that same; it provides man-to-man interaction instead of the lifeless man-to-machine interaction.
It is a known fact that websites having a separate section that simply allows users and visitors to contact and communicate their concerns to the website’s owner, possesses more value for the Google search engine. It indicates credibility and authenticity and may help you get a better search engine ranking. It also generates new business leads and allows you to provide your customers with the service that they demand from you. Great contact forms inspire people to reach out and play an active role in a company’s online presence.

Keyword Strategy:

One of the most common mistakes pervasive among inexperienced SEO is the inappropriate selection of keywords. Keyword stuffing is one such mistake. To avoid such technical blunders, one must devise an effective keyword strategy and make sure to constantly review it in order to ensure adaptability. Inclusion of non-branded keywords is a necessary part of SEO. According to Larry Gurreri, “If you aren’t taking the effort to use the keywords your target market is, they are going to have a harder time finding you”.

Link Building:

Jayson DeMers, the Founder & CEO at AudienceBloom says, “Don’t buy links. Earn them, because the quantity and quality of inbound links have a significant impact on a website’s rankings”.
Link Building is one of the most difficult parts of SEO if not the most which is what makes it so essential. Link acquisition can be achieved by following certain tips. One needs to closely study the link building techniques and strategies use by your competitors and websites that have a big name in the market. Building a commercial network helps promote your website and blogs is an important part. Any website having a high DA/PA (Domain Authority/ Page authority) must be used for blog commenting and posting. Social Media websites have also proven themselves useful when it comes to marketing your websites. One must make sure you use these platforms for building a strategy that aids your business and make sure to avoid any broken links in your website as they are a nuisance.