In the world of digital marketing it is important to stay ahead of your competitors; the question is
“HOW!?”. well, first things first: constantly learn how to improve your approach towards marketing.
Here I present some effective techniques and approaches that can bring creativity in handling SEO:

Devising a Keyword Strategy:

One of the most common mistakes pervasive among inexperienced SEO is the inappropriate selection of
keywords. Keyword stuffing is one such mistake. To avoid such technical blunders, one must devise an
effective keyword strategy and make sure to constantly review it in order to ensure adaptability.
Inclusion of non-branded keywords is a necessary part of SEO. According to Larry Gurreri, “If you aren't
taking the effort to use the keywords your target market is, they are going to have a harder time finding
It is important to remember that the keywords that do not correctly describe your products and services
will not properly convert visitors into customers. To truly understand how invaluable keywords are
when it comes to SEO, you can think of them as a route towards your product. A visitor can only visit
your website once it is conspicuously placed on the Internet.
An interesting technique is the use of long-tail titles. This is an effective strategy to keep pace with
already established similar brands. The idea is simple: you just need to add a little more detail to your
title. So “How to be an entrepreneur” becomes “How to be your own boss – a guide to success”. It
automatically fits more keywords into a single title and hence optimizes your website.

Link Building:

Jayson DeMers, the Founder & CEO at AudienceBloom and an SEO expert says, “Don’t buy links. Earn
them, because the quantity and quality of inbound links have a significant impact on a website’s
Link Building is one of the most difficult parts of SEO if not the most which is what makes it so essential.
There are there types of link acquisition:

  •  “Natural” Editorial Links
  •  Manual “Outreach” Link Building
  •  Self-Created, Non-Editorial

These can be achieved by following certain tips. One needs to closely study the link building techniques
and strategies use by your competitors and websites that have a big name in the market. Building a
commercial network helps promote your website and blogs is an important part. Any website having a
high DA/PA (Domain Authority/ Page authority) must be used for blog commenting and posting. Social
Media websites have also proven themselves useful when it comes to marketing your websites. One

must make sure you use these platforms for building a strategy that aids your business and make sure to
avoid any broken links in your website as they are a nuisance.

Quality of Content Matters the Most:

It goes without saying that quality always beats quantity. If your idea is good enough it will sell itself.
Marketing can only make your site noticeable, what will actually generate customers is the content of
the site. Google algorithms now work in such a way that they regard the quality of a site’s content as a
parameter when ranking websites in order to provide the internet users with a better quality of search
results. Hence, copied content and low-quality content has no value when it comes to Google Panda.
Images, videos, slideshows and audio can help cultivate user experience and help you deliver the
required information in a more attractive way. Consult an SEO firm initially on optimizing your site and
then independently work your way up. This will ensure minimal investment and increased autonomy.
One way to ensure that your site’s content does not qualitatively plummet is to bring in diversity. This
does not at all mean blogging about stuff that may not be your strong suit or stuff that you may not be
comfortable with. You must bring in diverse methods of introducing content. For instance, focus on
short form blogs and content as much as long form content.

Optimizing your page:

This is where your marketing knowledge comes to good use. It is how you handle the elements on your
webpage that determine if a user sticks to your website for longer than 2 seconds. Components of your
page such as Title tags, internal and external links, ads, bullet points, images, text formatting, and URLs
directly impact your SEO services in terms of ranking hence these factors must be taken into serious
consideration. However, many factors may not even impact your rankings too apparently, they still
possess great importance because your website needs to be as user-friendly as possible. Emphasize
keywords in Meta titles, Meta descriptions, and headings. Also focus on conversion optimization facets
which includes image optimization, video optimization, and code optimization.

Improve Load Speed:

It has been found through different studies and by closely examining user activity that your website’s
load speed substantially affects your website in two ways:

  •  It directly impacts your search engine ranking
  •  It influences the rate of conversion of visitors into customers

According to a research conducted by Amazon, a simple 1-second increment in load speed would cost a
particular company a remarkable loss of $1.6 billion per year. It has been found that users do not use a
website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Which is quite surprising since most website
owners fail to realize its necessity. You can find a plethora of online tools to test your speed. Once you
test your speed, start your process of optimizing:

  • Minimizing HTTP requests
  •  Using asynchronous loading for CSS and JS
  •  Minimizing time to first byte
  • Reduce Server Response time

You will notice astonishing results after your implement these techniques.

Providing Contact Information:

Have you ever questioned why you still go to a supermarket despite having an abundance of online
stores? The answer is simple: one yearns for human interaction because human interaction provides you
the right customer service. Providing contact information does that same; it provides man-to-man
interaction instead of the lifeless man-to-machine interaction.
It is a known fact that websites having a separate section that simply allows users and visitors to contact
and communicate their concerns to the website’s owner, possesses more value for the Google search
engine. It indicates credibility and authenticity and may help you get a better search engine ranking. It
also generates new business leads and allows you to provide your customers with the service that they
demand from you. Great contact forms inspire people to reach out and play an active role in a
company’s online presence.

Local Outreach:

I figured that there needs to be a separate section for local businesses to improve their SEO as well. One
simple way for Local SEO is to drive attention by getting people to talk about it especially on social
media. You can use Google Webmaster Tools or Open Site Explorer to see who is linking to you now.
This may provide you some motivation to find places that can offer you exciting exposure. Spying on
your competitors by observing who is linking to them can give you insight about your target market. Use
Google to search for bloggers who might be interested in reviewing your services; you can greatly
benefit from this. Just make sure to add your location in your Google searches.


Time is moving faster than ever, so always remember if you need to cope up, you must constantly keep
yourself updated. Learn new technologies and techniques out there to adapt to this changing
environment. You need a better ranking for your website? Try these approaches and see definitive
change in the efficacy of your services.