When we are working for an SEO agency as a team of SEO it is quite beneficial for us to check anything on the websites and get the evaluation of it. With the term SEO now the term which is expanding a lot is called Content writing. For both SEO services and content you need to tell the client what will be the future of their website. Next stage planning is quite difficult and for that, we are using the term content audit. You have to mention all the strategies and priorities in the content audit. You have to know that on what stage you are standing now in content and how you can improve the satisfaction of your customers.

Call to action is not clear

Most of the time websites do mistake that they are not telling it clear that where a visitor should go further. You have to mention on every landing page to go to the next page. For instance, if you have an online E-store you have to mention on its blog visit our store. This call to action will surely attract a customer to your services and they will see it. On the other hand, you can mention about your E-book relevant to the article can surely make the difference.

Lack of content on all the pages

When your article is providing full information on a certain topic that will never lose the audience interest. But when you have the incomplete information regarding the topic in your article it will surely lose audience interest. Audience retention in content is also a big deal because if the bounce rate increases your article is not proved worthy enough to get the audience attention for the longest time.

Testimonials are not that much good

When it comes to testimonials people never trust 3rd parties such as Google business, Amazon, and other interwebs. But the testimonials on the website itself are very productive if you use them properly. It also becomes the reason to increase audience trust and they will come again and again for taking services. You can use the testimonials on the page the services is providing like if you are telling the audience about your 24/7 support mention a testimonial at the end of the page 24/7 support for a huge response.

Never make locally related content

Location matters a lot for some businesses so for some businesses you have to follow the norms not the relevancy in the blog. When you are selling something like cars all the websites will have the same content because they are trying to sell the same product in the same region. You can change your content in the FAQ section where you are trying to give the unique answers to your client’s questions. Most of the companies are trying to make the unique content for the specific product to give something new to the audience coming on their website.

Pricing techniques

Most of the website does not tell the SEO packages on the website which annoys the customer a lot who is searching for the price estimate of a product. It should always mention on the website that what is the prices so that customer knows before doing the follow-up. You can do least is that do not mention exact pricing just tell them about prices of some of the services other prices have to mention on the calls or emails. This increase the customer retention on your website.

Jargons are confusing

Most of the businesses are doing well but their websites are not that much well. One of the common mistakes they are doing is the use of technical jargons in the product description can be very confusing for the audience. They don’t know about it really well and lose the interest in the product. You have to focus on the business results so stop using many jargons.

Page Repetition when transferring to HTTPS

Most of the website when got the SSL certification they and trying to shift on HTTPS they must use the redirecting strategies which shift all your data from HTTP to HTTPS. This will never create unintentional duplication of your website pages. If your content is duplicate it will directly affect your website rankings on search engine. You must create relevancy of the content with a particular keyword.

Website architecture is poor

Organization of content is very important when you are working on a website. Other than that this is very difficult for the search engine to select the vital pages of the website and make them the landing page for the specific keyword for content. When you are auditing the content on the website you must add those prominent pages out of all pages to make more effective results in the future.