How to create relevant and engaging SEO reports?

When you are making the SEO reports it is quite crucial for SEO experts to make it interesting, best, and most relevant report. This report is actually different for different customers because everyone does not really want to see the same thing. Your report must answer 3 questions to measure the progress.

Are they want to make more traffic to the landing page?

Is sales are increasing?

Improve in the rankings is occurring or no?

There are certain factors which can make your SEO report most relevant and engaging. We will discuss those factors today.

Focus on your objective

First of all, you have to know what you need in the SEO report to see the achievement. Your SEO clients must know what your main objective is. In your report, you have to clear that what type of impacts their focus can give them. For instance, the company goals have to increase search visibility, more links, and the selection of keywords. You should also tell the client about how these SEO metrics can impact on the company’s overall progress. You can also add some tangible profits with local SEO such as the increase in revenue.

Take your own hypothesis

You have to make your mind of the business goals of your client if you are going to create the SEO report. You have to fulfill the expectation of your SEO clients so that they can feel that you are paying back. Your client is always excited to know that how will you do it? You have to attack certain things in this regard and for that, you also need the Meta description. SEO is the somehow confusing task that is the reason your client has hired you. Explain your plans in detail to your customer so that they can get the idea what is really you are planning for them. It also increases their trust in your SEO agency.

Procedural Outlining

When you are going to meet the client you should have the previous work to show off. These are some of the SEO goals which you already completed. You can also tell them about their own website On Page SEO. Bugs you already fixed on the website and optimized the website for targeted keywords. The Moz pro is one of the custom tool use for SEO reports which is really handy. You can make a detailed report and highlight the previous factors and also tell what you have done with this to make it optimized website will be very effective for you.

Observe the records

You can keep an eye on the performance of keyword and you can tell your client about the improvement of the keyword. You can also make a report on the comparison of the last ranking Vs the new ranking of the website which is the best way to tell them that you are doing well. Also, you can make a comparison report of your customer Vs your ranking which will increase the customer’s satisfaction overall and they will trust you more. You also have to clear that the fluctuation of the keyword in a week is a normal behavior of search engine and they don’t need to worry about this.

Conclusion is important

You have to end your report now you have told almost everything through which a website is ranking. Tell your clients about what you are going to do in future which is really important and they want to know about your plan. Explain them what is your long-term plans are which will also increase their excitement and your all the report is final to present.

Final review of performance

When you are going to send this report to your client please double check it twice. This will confirm that you are telling them the facts. Your facts should always on reality.

Also, it should be illustrated properly that what you are doing now and how it is going to impact in the future. Your language has to be easily understandable so that your client get to know that what you really want to say. Customer understanding has a very important thing because if he is not getting what you are doing you all the effort can get waste.

Auto send schedules of the report

In the software like Moz pro, there is a section of custom report you can send it on the weekly or monthly basis to your client automatically. You just need to select the person you want to send the report. This is very important for a client to know that for what he is paying? Always try hard to give them the tangible results which are very effective for them. Now you can also make your own report and work as the best SEO Company.