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Mejrab Digital establishes online brand reputations through its wide array of digital services. We empower businesses in the digital landscape by building and implementing strategy, utilizing analytics, and reinventing digital footprints. Rejuvenate your brand’s online persona and take the lunge forward towards success by collaborating with Mejrab Digital.


Our Process

Research & Planning

We begin by first discovering information about your business and understanding your exact requirements. Our thorough requirements engineering process guarantees that we take care of small details in every project.

Online Business Analysis

On most occasions, businesses already have an online strategy in place, but it is not as effective as they would like it to be. As part of our process, we take the current online standing of businesses into account using appropriate measures and KPIs. We identify the missing dots in your current online strategy and revamp it to assure improved revenues.

Strategy Development

After we learn about current strategies and requirements, our experienced team goes to the drawing board. We make use of cutting-edge analysis tools and innovative methodologies to develop a seamless digital strategy for your brand.


Once the strategy has been finalized, we move on to deploying it for your business. From redesigning your website to re-strategizing your content, we take care of everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media marketing (SMM) during this stage.

Measuring Progress

We measure the performance of the new online strategy against the benchmarks and requirements that were set during the research phase to ensure that business goals are being met.

Managing & Optimizing Results

At the end of our digital marketing process, we take into account the KPIs, measures, and other analytical information of your online business to manage and optimize results for maximum success and revenue generation.

Our Digital Services

As a digital agency, we strive to boost our client's online performance by providing them with everything that they need to grow and expand in the digital landscape. Our focus is to provide a single stop shop for all avenues of digital growth whether it is to boost search engine rankings or to become the next big social media sensation.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Why Choose Search Engine Optimization?

The goal of every online business is to rank on the first page of the search engines, but not everyone can meet this goal. This is where the SEO service of Mejrab Digital comes in. Our SEO service has been designed to increase online visibility within all algorithmic search results. We drive natural, organic, and free traffic from search engines to your website to boost revenue and success. Unlike other digital agencies, our work is hand-made and crafted without artificial bots and spam. We make use of organic strategies and carefully planned campaigns that are specific to your industry, your business, and your requirements.
We have the following search engine optimization services available for you:

  • SEO Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • Business Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Website Redesign
  • Content Re-structuring
  • Quality Assurance

Social Media Marketing

Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

The social media is a vital element of a successful digital marketing campaign. The key is to utilize the different social media channels effectively to connect with newer audiences. Our social media marketing team is experienced with marketing businesses of all sizes across several industries. We take care of everything from designing campaign ads and publishing content to reaching out to digital influencers and creating reputable affiliations. Our focus is on expanding your brand, reaching out to wider audiences, and boosting conversion rates.
Our social media marketing services include:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Profile Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Profiling
  • Content Re-structuring
  • Social Campaign Generation
Content Writing

Why Choose Content Writing?

Gone are the days when you could suffice by simply putting up filler content on your website. Nowadays, customers (and even algorithms) demand creative and meaningful content. However, content production is not an easy task and it can be almost impossible to keep coming up with engaging content consistently. This is where Mejrab Digital’s Content Writing service comes in. We take the pressure of content management from your hands to completely revamp and rejuvenate your content strategy. We market your brand, build an online reputation, instigate customer loyalty, and keep the customers interested. How? By producing captivating content for you!
Our content writing services span across a wide range including:

  • Copywriting
  • Blog Writing
  • Listicles
  • Amazon niche writing
  • Social Media Posts
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Academic Writing
  • Web Content Writing
Digital Marketing

Why Choose Digital Marketing?

There are millions of customers out there that are looking for the products and services that your business provides. The goal is to market your brand in a way such that it is easy to find and connect with. Our digital marketing consultants specialize in inspiring actions from customers and taking your online business to newer realms. We take your customer through the journey of awareness to consideration to purchase seamlessly to generate strong revenues and maximize the success of your online strategy. We work together with you to form an online marketing strategy that is effective and efficient. The digital marketing services at Mejrab Digital involve the following:

  • Reputation Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PR Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • App Marketing
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